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Beetroot rice salad with edible flowers

I recently had a revelation that rice can be cooked in pretty much any liquid as long as there is 70% water in it.  This opened up a whole new world of options for our rice dishes at home.  Also, on the ever eternal quest, to get the family to be healthy, I have found the most preferred method is through subconscious osmosis rather than brute force.  Beetroot was never going to wash with the little ladies but I was able to get them to try it enthusiastically with this salad.  Raw beetroot is cooked in water or in this case I used part coconut water and water.  Then the nutritious, pink liquid is used to cook the rice.  You can cook rice in stock, milk, nut milks, vegetable water and even fruit juices.  You can make a wonderful, fragrant thai style rice by cooking basmati in apple juice with cinnamon and slices of fresh ginger.

Yesterday was a girl day, the best part of which was bumping into my friend and meeting her new baby girl.  A snoozy, snuffly 8 week bundle of utter beauty. A girl lunch then followed, were we all typically ate avocado on toast like we have been brainwashed into ordering nothing else off a restaurant menu now, as we were all girls we naturally threw in multiple portions of chips to go with.   Then home for some work with a lovely girl I’m mentoring with her restaurant in Scotland.   Followed by swimming class with my girls and home for tea and stories.

So on another grey and bland day in London I made this pink and floral dinner last night to make us all feel pretty and pink.  The added nuts and seeds, which can be omitted, gave it a wonderful crunch and nutritional boost.

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Serves: 4 Cooking Time: 1 hr


  • 1 whole beetroot
  • 400ml coconut water
  • 100g uncooked rice (long grain/basmati/carmargue)
  • Optional additional ingredients;
  • Red onion
  • Mixed seeds (hemp, sunflower, poppy, sesame)
  • Radishes
  • Herb cresses/edible flowers
  • Dressing;
  • 2tbs beetroot purée
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 4 tbp fish sauce
  • 4tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper



Chop beetroot into quarters and boil in coconut water/diluted nut water until soft.


Drain the beetroot but keep the liquid the beetroot cooked in (cooking liquor)


Blitz the cooked beetroot to a purée in the nutri bullet.


Use the cooking liquor from the beetroot in place of the water to cook the rice (as per the instructions on the rice you have chosen to use), you might need to add some additional water.


Leave the cooked rice to cool.


Make the dressing by whisking together the beetroot puree, juice of lemons, fish sauce, olive oil and seasoning, Adjust to taste.


The rice salad can be eaten as it is or mix into the cold rice along with pickled red onion (or raw), slices of radish, mixed seeds, toasted nuts and some flowers from the garden.


The above recipe can be made using butternut squash, sweet potatoes, garden peas, cauliflower etc.

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