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Greek yoghurt chocolate truffles

There is a programme on Channel 4 called Food Unwrapped and on a recent episode on 5th June   there was a lot of talk about probiotics and that our stomach acid kills much of the probiotic bacteria before it gets to our intestines so therefore largely useless. They did find that full fat yogurt was the best probiotic we can take beating probiotic capsules and manufactured liquids.  It also found that chocolate can help protect probiotics from the destructive acids on their journey through your tummy.

Tonight I have friends coming for dinner so I thought I’d generously give them a dose of healthy probiotics in these homemade Greek yogurt chocolate truffles. These truffles can be made well in advance and kept in the freezer.  They  require a short time to come up to temperature so a good ‘safety net’ to have in the wings.  The trimmings of the truffles can also be kept and melted down into a rich, chocolate sauce to pour over ice cream or cake!

Greek yoghurt chocolate truffles

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Serves: 8 Cooking Time: approx 40 mins


  • 300g 70% chocolate,
  • 1tbs runny honey,
  • 180ml double cream,
  • 50g full fat Greek yoghurt,
  • 10g butter,
  • pinch of all spice,
  • pinch of sea salt,
  • cocoa powder for dusting.



Break up the chocolate


Heat the cream and allspice (and any additional spice or infusion scent e.g., vanilla/orange zest etc) until it bubbles around the edge of the pan, add the Greek yog to the hot cream. Pour over the broken up chocolate, leave for 2mins. Gently stir with a spatula to incorporate, add the butter, sea salt and honey.


Pour into a small container lined with cling film, place in the freezer.


After approx 30mins it should be solid enough to cut.


Cut into cubes, roll in cocoa powder, return to the fridge until you are serving them.


Side note: if your mix splits (which it may as a result of the yoghurt) stir in a couple of tbs warmed cream to rescue!

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